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There is a shuttering statistic that is hiding within the great plains of Oklahoma. This small flyover state has managed to maintain the second highest female incarceration rate on the face of the earth. The first place position often interchanges between Oklahoma and Idaho every year. In 2018, the average Oklahoma female incarceration rate led in not only the United States, but also in the world by 11.67%. The U.S. maintained an average of 133 incarcerated women per 100,000 in 2018, while Oklahoma alone maintained a rate of 281 incarcerated women per 100,000, which is a 71.5% increase compared to the national average. This bewildering fact has somehow managed to fall under the radar for years.

projectEXIST is an independent initiative I organized in order to expose the incredibly corrupt institutional systems and enabling societal forces that allow a record breaking number of women to be incarcerated and remain institutionalized. projectEXIST empowers folks with information and offers illustrated goodies as incentives to contribute to the cause.

The archived website can be viewed here.

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